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West Seattle Mini Bears Game Guide

Playing West Seattle Mini Bears is easy! You can play with cards from any available Season, interchangeably. West Seattle Mini Bears is a game for two.

1) Each player should start with a deck of 18 of their own cards (2 packs). From this, you will draw a starting hand of six.

2) The goal of the game is to host a Theme Night in which four attendees are present. Either player may contribute an attendee to a theme night, on their own side of the table. Attendees played on your side of the table count toward your own score. Attendees are worth one point.

3) Each card contains one or more Theme Night attendance, and also one or more Shade component, except some special Mega-Shade cards which are only used for nefarious purposes.

4) A Host card may initiate a theme night, and should be played first. If there is no Host card available, two cards which contain the same attendance as each other may Co-host a Theme Night, however they should be played side by side, counting as a single Host.

5) Hosts cannot be removed by Shade or Mega-Shade (except in rare cases where the card specifies otherwise). Likewise two regular cards played side-by-side in Co-host mode, also cannot be removed.

6) Your goal is to add attendees with a matching attendance to any Theme Night, up to a total of three attendees in addition to the Host (or Co-hosts) who started the event.

7) You may use the Shade component of any card to remove a non-host attendee from your opponent's side of the table, discarding it. You must also discard the card you used to create the Shade

8) …EXCEPT in the case of Mega-Shade cards, which have no attendance component. Playing one of these Mega-Shade cards allows you to play a second card of your own, afterward, though you must still discard your Mega-Shade card after playing it.

9) You may only include up to two Mega-Shade cards in your playable deck of 18.

10) At the end of each turn, replenish your hand to six cards from your own reseve.

11) The game concludes when the first player runs out of cards, or is unable to play any of their remaining cards in hand.

12) Score is tallied by each player from the played cards on their side of the table. Discarded cards are not scored.

About the Mini Bears

West Seattle Mini Bears is a fun, collectible card game that pays homage to the cute, unhinged appeal that you'll only find in the West Seattle.

About the Author

I'm the Creative Director for a fancy game publisher, and love my job. In my free time, I draw cartoons, play import '90s games (especially love collecting PC-FX, FM Towns, and PC Engine stuff), and listen to game soundtracks. I'm 38, and have lived in West Seattle for over 10 years.