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WSMB - Season 1 (1 Pack, 9 Cards)

West Seattle Mini Bears Season 1 Cards Now Shipping Order Now ($6.95)

One pack contains 9 randomly selected collectable game cards from the current Season. For detailed instructions, check the Game Guide.

WSMB - Season 1 (4 Packs, 36 Cards Total)

4 Packs of West Seattle Mini Bears Season 1 Cards Order Now ($22.95)

A great way of starting! 4 packs of WSMB cards with 9 randomly selected Season 1 designs in each are enough for two to play the game without needing any extras. For detailed instructions, check the Game Guide.

SALE! WSMB Trucker Cap (One Size)

Custom embroidered West Seattle Mini Bears trucker caps let everyone in the neighborhood know which team you're playing for.

West Seattle Mini Bears Grey Trucker Cap Order Now ($19.95)

Your Own 'Beautiful Man' Portrait (Based on Availability)

I'd love to draw you in the style of my long-running 'Beautiful Man' portrait series. Contact me for more details.

Beautiful Man Custom Portrait Coming Soon

About the Mini Bears

West Seattle Mini Bears is a fun, collectible card game that pays homage to the cute, unhinged appeal that you'll only find in the West Seattle.

About the Author

I'm the Creative Director for a fancy game publisher, and love my job. In my free time, I draw cartoons, play import '90s games (especially love collecting PC-FX, FM Towns, and PC Engine stuff), and listen to game soundtracks. I'm 38, and have lived in West Seattle for over 10 years.